• High Quality, High Volume Baking & Roasting
  • Available in Single & Double Rack Ovens
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Heavy Duty Lift & Rotate System 
  • Gear Drive Rotation, no belts or chains
  • Standard Computer Control 
  • Up to 60 programs for time, temperature, steam, vent & blower functions 
  • Vertiflow Heat Exchanger (gas models)
  • High Volume Steam Generator 
  • Available In Gas or Electric 
  • One Year Part & Labor Warranty 
  • Factory Installation & Training 

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  • Grocery Stores 
  • Supermarkets 
  • Delis
  • Bakeries
  • Convenience Stores 
  • Smokehouses
  • Meat Processors
  • Food Companies
  • Home Chefs
  • Low Cost
  • Industries Lowest Minimums
  • Quick Turnarounds
  • More Professional Looking
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Increase Brand Recognition
  • Unlimited Sizes & Options
  • Smell Proof, Tamper Proof, High Barrier
  • Child Resistant Packaging

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Packaging Equipment & Supplies

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Rack Oven Features

Turbo Air is a leading manufacture of quality freezing and refrigeration equipment. By combing beautiful design and practicality, Turbo Air models are equipped with; rust resistant material, Cyclopentane insulation material, attractive interior lighting, & self-cleaning condensers. Most units come with industry leading 3 year part & labor warranty with additional 2 years on compressor.  

Rack Ovens

Food Equipment Experts​ 

Nitrogen is an inert gas and is used to exclude air, oxygen and moisture. Forcing out all oxygen, with a more dense nitrogen, results in extended product shelf life, product integrity, protection against discoloration & oxidation. For delicate products this process provides a cushion like buffer against damage, this is commonly referred to as a "pillow pack." Nitrogen is ideal for use in food packaging as it is dry, clean and environmentally friendly. 

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The accumulation of dust on a compressor is the leading cause of failure, leading to expensive service calls. The Turbo Air exclusive Self-Cleaning Condenser automatically brushes clean the unit daily, resulting in increased efficiency and peace of mind. 

Refrigeration & Cold Merchandising 

At MARSCO NW Food Service Equipment located outside Portland, OR we are committed to finding you the right equipment for your kitchen or store at the most affordable price. With over 50 years combined sales experience in food service & processing facility equipment, we have the expertise to answer all of your equipment needs. From new to used or small to large, we do it all.  


Food Service Equipment & Supplies

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

Baking, roasting and re-thermalizing are done fastest in a rack oven. LBC rack ovens have the high performance, quality and reliability that can meet the challenges of modern food service and enhance the art of old world craftsmanship. Whether you are looking for a single rack oven , double rack oven, proofer or combination proofer/retarder LBC has the models that will fit your needs. 

Custom Printed Bags

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is the most effective process of extending the shelf life of fresh food products and dried herbs. This technology, available on most Minipack Chamber Machines, substitutes the atmospheric air inside a package with a protective inert gas mix. 

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Why Pack with Nitrogen?